Research: Green Lipped Mussel Does Work!

natural arthritis remedies

With so many inquiring about natural remedies, research has proven that green lipped mussel does work. Many want to debunk the myths regarding natural remedies largely because they can’t believe that natural elements exist that can help health. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The unique balance of sea salt and valuable nutrients found in the green lipped mussel helps to promote circulatory elasticity and reduce the aches and pains of arthritis and joint injuries. It’s understandable that many would be skeptical, but any inquiries regarding the validity of these claims are back by scientific research.

How was the GLM Discovered?

The exotic shellfish was discovered through a couple of different avenues, actually. Cancer researchers began testing the possibility that the low cancer rate among residents that regularly consumed the mussel was due to the species’ ability to help prevent the disease. Once they began medical testing, patients began getting arthritic relief. Researchers went back to the region, and sure enough, they discovered that arthritis was nearly non-existent with the natives in the area. This led to more testing which then concluded that the green lipped mussel does work for those suffering from stiff joints. The nutrients and naturally occurring salt balances actually lubricate painful joints due to cartilage deterioration. Upon learning this, the farming and harvesting of the unique mussel began.

How GLM Are Raised and Harvested

It’s true: the green lipped mussel does work. However, there are factors that vary from company to company providing the various extracts that will help or hinder its effectiveness. The shellfish are raised on suspended platforms at the ocean surface in their native New Zealand waters. This help to ensure that the important sea salt balance remains intact. Once they are harvested, they are processed and the necessary ingredients are placed into a capsulated form. However, not all capsules are created equally. If any company discussed a “drying or freezing process” you should look elsewhere. This is how all of the valuable nutrients are eliminated, and in the end, you’re simply getting a seafood supplement.

Xtend-Life maintains all of the important nutrients by creating their capsules within 30 minutes of the harvest. This means that there’s no need for drying or freezing because the mussel meat is never held for a period of time. This creates capsules that consist of only the freshest mussels, delivering the best results available on the market.

Should you feel the need to conduct your own research, which we always recommend, you’ll learn that green lipped mussel does work. There are natural remedies across the world, and most synthetic medications are simply looking to mimic compounds found in nature. Ultimately, you end up getting tons of unnecessary side-effects through synthetic remedies that can cause more harm than good. Use an all-natural supplement and you’ll know that you’re using nature to cure your ills.