The Green Lipped Mussels: New Zealand’s Natural Gift for Arthritis Treatment

Do you suffer from joint pain? Are you looking for natural arthritis treatment? Consuming green lipped mussel extract might just be able to help you. Who says that you need expensive medicines for arthritis treatment?

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Variety is extraordinary when it comes to any industry, and the green lipped mussel supplement arena is no different. Because of the increased popularity of the nutrient-rich shellfish, any search can generate a long list of potential suppliers, but how can one tell the difference? The creation of the supplements will play a huge role in the quality of the product and whether or not you utilize it with great results.

Far too often an individual purchases an underwhelming supplement, sees no results, and is left wondering about the viability of the natural remedy altogether. This unfortunate scenario is played out time and again, largely in part because a solid understanding is required regarding the processes necessary to deliver a great, natural product. In addition to fully understanding what green lipped mussel supplements really are, researching your best options can help you find the right match in terms of quality and price. Arthritis treatment does not have to be difficult — it CAN be done naturally, but you need to do your homework in finding out the right green lipped mussel supplement for you.

Who’s Serious? How to Tell

Green lipped mussel supplements, much like any other nutritional supplement, are only as good as the supplier providing. Harvested off the coast of New Zealand, the unique shellfish has properties that facilitate the lubrication of aching joints and the repair of damaged cartilage. Obviously, this makes it an interesting supplement for arthritis sufferers. Unfortunately, this demand has also given way to many attempting to capitalize on the peaking interest. Luckily, there are certain aspects regarding the processing of the harvested mussels that can help you determine which supplements are genuinely offering up what they claim.

By checking on the following points, you can ensure that quality is never sacrificed:


Paying close attention to the dosage requirements can help you weed out faulty offerings. If you must take much more than the average dosage amount for other comparable supplements, there’s a chance that quite a bit is added to each dose that has nothing to do with green lipped mussel extracts. Oils often have another type, like grape oil, added. This can “water down” your doses, forcing you to take more and ultimately buy more. See the motivation for their efforts?

Note the Production Method

The way a supplement provider gets their harvests into supplement form will greatly affect the end result. Always seek out production practices that involve very little time in between stages. A quick turnaround helps to ensure that nutrients aren’t being lost through drying or cooking of the mussel itself. Much like vegetables, shellfish lose much of their nutrients when processed in this manner. Also note where their farms are located. In regards to the green lipped mussel, remember that they are native to New Zealand. Be sure that all raising and harvesting is occurring in native environments.

Price Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

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There are several providers that will attempt to lure your business by charging more than the industry average for green lipped mussel extract supplements. Strange tactic, huh? Basically, they believe that a higher price gives the perception of higher quality. In many consumers’ minds, they’re absolutely right. However, don’t fall into this trap, and be sure that you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price. Research across various supplement providers should help acquaint you with what you can expect to pay.

Finally, Learn Who You’re Buying From!

When making purchases through online venues, the reputation and reliability of the company should play a huge role in your purchase decision. Do they have a long track record of satisfied customers? A brief visit to a forum or two should help give you some information in this regard. Also, have they been in business for a long time? Just because someone is new doesn’t mean they aren’t reliable, but staying with proven brands that have had success in the industry can help you weed out any imposter suppliers.

The green lipped mussel sparked quite a frenzy when its health properties were initially discovered. Those suffering from arthritis, high blood pressure, or even immune system disorders can find benefits from the extracts of the shellfish’s unique biology. Initially researched due to curiosity regarding possibilities in aiding with cancer, the mussel then became the focal point for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. Because joints deteriorate over time, the Omega-3 proteins contained in these supplements help the body to rebuild these worn areas.

Arthritis treatment is not the only thing that can be done by consuming green lipped mussel supplements. Click here to learn more about its health benefits.

No, it’s not supernatural, but the results have surprised the medical field and consumption is on the rise.
When you take the time to consider the various key points listed above, you can ensure that you’re getting involved with a quality supplier that will have your best interests in mind. With so many options, it can be hard to determine who, if anyone, is thinking about the people actually in need of a natural solution to an ailment. You aren’t at the mercy of a medical company here. Demand quality customer service, a reasonable price, and a great product. A company that is willing to answer any of your questions has nothing to hide, and you’ll likely feel much better about giving them your business.

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In all of our experience researching different harvesting and creation methods, of course we’ll come across companies that fall onto either side of the quality fence. Many have mentioned to us that providers such as Xtend-Life offer up great green lipped mussel capsules at a reasonable price. To ensure that you aren’t getting misled, we can offer up a quick breakdown of why they receive such high industry marks.

Their harvesting methods are great. Thirty minutes elapse from the moment of harvest to the creation of the capsule, so you know that no freezing, drying, or cooking is taking place. All of their mussels are raised in their native a New Zealand. Further, the nutrient concentration ensures that you won’t need to take 18 pills a day for the supplement to make a difference. Finally, they’re reasonably priced and have a proven record of client satisfaction.

Regardless of whom you choose as your green lipped mussel supplement provider, remember that your own independent research can make all the difference. You shouldn’t have to settle for a subpar product simply because you aren’t sure what key points will determine the quality. Keep the concepts mentioned in mind while searching the industry, and you’ll help to ensure that your arthritis treatment journey is a fruitful one.

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